Won Bin (as Kim Ji Hoon)
Kyoko Fukada (as Tomoko Asai)

Lee Dong Gun (as Park Kyoung Ju)
Han Hye Jin (as Park Hae Jin)
Akiko Yada (as Yuko Yamagishi)
Yukiyoshi Ozawa (as Shota Sakamaki)
Naho Toda (as Midori Kaneda)
Keiko Takeshita (as Satoko Asai)
Doko Young Jae (as Kim Kyu Han)
Sunwoo Eun Sook (as Kim Su Kyoung)

Produced by:
TBS Entertainment (Japan)
MBC Production (Korea)

Executive Producer:
Seiichiro Kijima (TBS)

Yoshikazu Okada
Hwang Sun Young

Nobuhiro Doi (TBS Entertainment)
Han Chul-Soo (MBC Production)

Hideki Isano (TBS)
Katsuaki Setoguchi (TBS Entertainment)
Keiko Take (Freelance)
Kang Byeng-Moon (MBC Production)


Tomoko Asai (Kyoko Fukada) is invited to go on a three-day trip to Hong-Kong with her colleague Yuko Yamagishi (Akiko Yada). But on reaching Hong-Kong, Yuko left Tomoko to be with her boyfriend who lived there. Tomoko is alone in Hong-Kong. She is not fluent in English, and to make things worse, her bag is snatched in the streets. Tomoko finally catches the thief and reports him to the police, but to her dismay it is the wrong person ... a young Korean man.

Thus, Tomoko and Kim Ji Hoon met under the worst possible circumstances. The innocent Ji Hoon is freed and they leave the police station together. Tomoko repeatedly apologizes to Ji Hoon who is angry and offended.

Ji Hoon was brought up in a strict Korean family. Though dreaming of being a film director, he feels obliged to live up to his family's expectations and inherit his father's company. Before doing so, Ji Hoon had come to Hong Kong to shoot a film as a memoir.

Since Tomoko has lost all her money, Ji Hoon is obliged to treat her dinner. In return, she offers to be a model for Ji Hoon's film. Though they can't communicate in words, as time unfolds they start to feel something for each other, and exchange a kiss in the nightscape of Hong Kong. It was an unforgettable two-day experience for the two.

Tomoko returns to daily life in Tokyo, to her everyday routine of going to and from between home and her workplace. Ji Hoon also resumes studying to meet up to his parents' expectations, suppressing his dreams to be a film director.

One day, Ji Hoon receives an e-mail in Japanese. "Hello, this is Tomoko...." This is the beginning of their e-mail correspondence. Tomoko and Ji Hoon are gradually drawn to each other through their e-mail exchange, but various obstacles come in their way.

What is the outcome of their romance, which began in Hong Kong, moves to Seoul and finally to Tokyo?