English Translation of BINUS Chapter 2

[Won Bin wearing black wool cap and blue&green scarf...]


There is my hometown and my parents
As long as they are, when I become old
I want to live in the nature just like my hometown

I was very naughty when I was a kid
At school, I was a quiet and shy kid

Most of the children, they played with boys and girls together
But for me, only boys were around

I often played soccer


When I made my parents angry, they kicked me out even its winter
I remember the time I was only wearing underwear even it was very cold outside

My father was very strict but my mother was nice as a friend
I got up against my mother sometimes but
I couldn't get up against my father because he owns a wooden sward
He was a scary person for me

But I realize that recently, my mother is becoming scarier to the children
My father became a very gentle and all
As time passed, he's changed

Do the right things and be modest
Always respect the elder people. They said those words very often
I used to say hello to my neighbors with a bow profoundly

Also they kept saying not to tell a lie
They scolded me very hard when I say a lie

In the career of this actor job,
Being faithful and show good manners to others are
the custom engrained I have from my childhood

To respect elders are also the custom I have from my childhood

My parents have been living in countryside all their life so
They are bald and pure
And not to have bad reputation about their daughters and sons
They taught us the basic manners very strictly

Early Days

Being an actor, this profession is the hardest one among all the other professions,
I'm keenly aware of it

I used to think over and over on if I could survive doing this profession.
Those days, I used to hover on continuing this career often, and I had a tough times everyday

I have had many experiences doing an actor job
It was tough
There is no limit on acting and there is no right or wrong about it

I'm still having a hard time but those days were the darkness
I once thought this is not the path I should walk

When I look back, it was necessary to think over and over like that
Those times were important for me to gain a challenge feeling that I should enjoy this profession
That was the period which I should worry and think over

Even (though) the actor's profession is not suitable for me
I've never given up and I hanged on
I've decided to be an actor and came here from the countryside
If I would have given up, I wouldn't be anybody, I would only be a loser

Even (if) I chose the different profession, it was a hardest time to find one
So I could never breakdown

It was also a challenge to me
There were only two choices, that is to continue (being) an actor and become successful
Or being a loser.

I was standing at the crossroads of choosing the life

I still have a hard time but I have no regret now
It pays off even you have a hard time but at the same time it's interesting


The most strength for me is
My family, I can imagine faces of my family when I have a hard time

The second is the strength of my fans as I could also call them my family
It is my source of strength that people who support me

I want to show my good acting to the people who support me
That is my duty, I think

To give fans the good impression and excitement and enjoyment
Is the first thing I have to put the effort into

The strength which I make them happy
Is the energy I have

Q: You used to be called as a cute little brother?

When I see the senior actors
They are really awesome in acting, I want to reach their level

I also want to challenge various roles other than their little brother

To act any kind of roles, I have to put on years
I wanted to be an adult

Military Service

Sometimes people ask me if I would be OK to stop my acting career

I sure have some attachment on my work
I have been doing this for 10 years

Most of the acting is based on my experiences before I reached the age of 20
But as being an actor, we need plenty of experience
I still don't stock (that) much experience in myself

So the period of the two-year military service is going to be the time I can accumulate the good experience

I am not an ordinary person in this society
But in the army
I will be wearing the same outfits with my mates and live together
It will be the time I can communicate with many people and grow

I will come back after 2 years of military service

By the time I come back, I would be learning many ways of thinking
I wish I will be shown myself that is grown more than now

It will be my precious time to be in the military service
I believe it firmly


I'm still thinking about the future.
I haven't decided anything yet

If it is possible,
I would do any role. I don't have any particular request

I haven't done the action films yet,
Most of what I've done were melodramas

My original wish was to do the action films
But because of the image people have about me
I had no chance to do that role

I don't decide the work I want to do in advance
In any case, which movies I would appear
First of all, I read the script and I think it's important to feel some kind of emotion from the story

In any film I would appear, I want that there are family and friendship
Love. At least I need it there


Since I am just a farm-boy
I take that it's important to have duty and friendship between men

From the early time of my life, I have spent the time with guys
I've learned it naturally

Living with men rather than living with women
Makes me feel duty is cool
That's what I think

So when I play soccer game with my buddies
We can feel the same and comfort each others
That's why I like it

Friend is something
We need for lifelong

To have a friendship is good

There is something we can do with friends what we cannot do with family members
Also there is something that we can only talk to friends

To promote friendship is a really important thing


Specifically, there is not such a thing like Love
There are family love, men and women love, brothers and sisters' love;
these are all forms of love

If it is drawn there
Love has to be honest always
To trust is love, I think.

translation by jiji-hajiken & edited by dodidudada
Credit to jiji-hajiken at sokorean & dodidudada

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